Struts & Shocks

We have all been inside of a vehicle that feels more like a roller coaster ride than a car ride; this is usually due to worn struts and shocks. The struts and shocks components of a vehicle’s suspension system aid the car in staying above the ground, level, balanced, and smooth while on the road. Our mobile shock and strut repair and replacement services will keep your suspension system working correctly and for the long haul. If you believe that your struts and shocks require upkeep, give our mobile mechanics a call today.

You’ll need to make sure that you’re inspecting and replacing your struts every 60K-100K miles. Staying on top of your suspension system maintenance needs within this range will help prevent any major issues from occurring to your vehicle. The more that we can work to prevent, the more money that you’ll save in the long run. If you’re noticing that your car’s handling and turning ability aren’t what they used to be, give us a call - it could be your shocks and struts.

Our expert mobile repair mechanics will come to you and give your suspension system a full inspection, making the necessary strut and shock replacements as needed. We urge you not to use store-bought parts or DIY methods. These systems can be very complicated and should only be maintained by professionals trained in the best techniques with state of the art equipment. Neglecting your shocks and struts can lead to frustrating, expensive, time-consuming, and even dangerous consequences. Let’s avoid that! Best of all, we’re bringing the shop to you, wherever and whenever you need us.