Major Engine Repair

Engine trouble is one of the most severe problems the vehicle owners face, yet it also yields the most common repair issues that we see on a daily basis. Major engine repair can become an expensive and frustrating issue if not correctly diagnosed and fixed in a timely manner. Don’t let the stress of major engine troubles stop you from getting your vehicle sorted out. Give the Mobile Pros a call, and we’ll figure out over the phone what the best next steps will be towards getting your car back to 100%. Best of all, you won’t have to leave your home or pay for expensive towing fees; we’ll bring the shop to you!

If you’re noticing LOUD knocking sounds coming from under the hood, an excessive amount of exhaust smoke from your tailpipe, or even if something doesn’t feel quite right, give us a call immediately. These issues should not be left unchecked for too long, or you could potentially face substantial financial setbacks and a potentially dangerous situation on the road. Our major engine repair mechanics will work with you to help avoid those stressful situations from the moment symptoms occur.

Our major engine repair techniques use only the best cutting-edge tools in the hands of our expert mechanics. We’ll work with you over the phone to narrow down the problem and then schedule a visit to your vehicle to give you an estimate that works within your budget before getting the vehicle fixed and you back on the road!