Mobile Auto Repair in Loma Linda

Mobile Pros has been serving the Loma Linda area as a mobile mechanic specialist since 1992 and working as a mechanic since 1980. Kirby Lombard, the owner and mobile automotive repair specialist, has established himself as the most dependable and honest traveling mechanic in the Inland Empire. Whether your car is in your driveway, you’re stranded on the side of the road, an issue arises while you’re out and about, or your local business requires the services of a professional mechanic, our locally-owned and locally-operated company is happy to come to you and provide you with the top-notch service you deserve. Our mobile auto repair service is appropriate for any busy lifestyle and will change the way you think about car maintenance and repair. When you reach out to Mobile Pros, we promise you’ll get the most convenient, responsive, and knowledgeable service you’ve ever had!

Mobile Auto Repair Services

What services do you provide?

No Start Conditions

If your car won’t start, Mobile Pros, your trusty mobile mechanic near you, will arrive quickly to assess the problem and get you back on the road. The vast majority of no-start issues are caused by a problem with the voltage management system, ignition failure, or faulty fuel delivery systems.

Major and Minor Engine Repairs

Engine problems can cause stress and even leave you stuck. Fortunately, your traveling mechanic can fix any engine issue, big or little. We will make any necessary repairs as soon as possible. From challenging repairs like whole engine replacement, radiators, timing belts, or blown head gaskets to basic repairs like coolant leaks, broken serpentine belts, or bad batteries, Mobile Pros of Loma Linda, CA will come to you and fix any problem.

Timing Belts

Timing belt replacement and maintenance are a couple of the most important routine maintenance tasks. If you’re driving your car and your timing belt breaks, your whole engine might be ruined. Our Loma Linda customers often commute to work, which means they truly need a dependable vehicle. Your traveling mechanic in Loma Linda has the expertise, equipment, and abilities to replace your timing belt and get you back in the driver’s seat. Call Kirby today at (909) 794-2295 or (909) 888-5529.

Auto Electrical

Because today’s vehicles are becoming more sophisticated, you can’t rely on just any Loma Linda mobile auto repair service to address any issues. Your Mobile Pros mobile mechanic has lightning-fast access to all required electrical flowcharts and schematics thanks to Mitchell ProDemand. Mobile Pros has significant experience in all things electrical, so we’re well-qualified to assist you with any problems you may be having.

Computer Diagnostics

We use the most rapid, comprehensive, and advanced diagnostic tools in the automotive industry – including the Launch Torque vehicle scanning system, the OTC Genisys EVO System Diagnostic Scanner, and Mitchell ProDemand. Your auto repair technician in Loma Linda at Mobile Pros is truly the best in the region because he has all the technology and skills right at his fingertips, allowing him to troubleshoot most car problems easily so he can get right to work fixing the issue.

Radiators, Water Pumps, & Hoses

Overheating can occur when the radiator, water pump, and/or hoses in a truck or car are faulty. Coolant leaks are a common indicator of a malfunctioning cooling system component. Your local mobile mechanic will pressure test, analyze, identify, and repair any overheating problem you might be experiencing. As Kirby always says, “Don’t overheat your engine – call me!” You can reach him anytime at (909) 794-2295 or (909) 888-5529.


Brake failure endangers you and your passengers. Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with having safe and dependable brakes, which is why our mobile automobile repair service in Loma Linda makes ourselves available to come to you. The components in modern automotive braking systems are growing more and more complicated. You’ll need a skilled mobile technician with advanced tools and a wealth of knowledge to take care of complicated components like electronic emergency brakes, wheel speed sensors, and anti-lock brake systems. Kirby, your mobile mechanic specialist, is the most reliable source for all of your automotive needs in Loma Linda, California and the surrounding area.

Fuel Systems

Your Mobile Pros mobile mechanic has been keeping up with all of the advances and upgrades in the ever-complex car fuel system for decades. Kirby has all of the necessary equipment, skills, and experience to repair any fuel system problem, whether it involves your throttle body system, fuel injectors, fuel management system, or fuel pump. If you live or work in the Loma Linda region, Mobile Pros can gladly diagnose and fix your fuel system!


Tune-ups are key if you want to keep your car in good working order and extend its life. We provide full-service tune-ups to keep your vehicle running like new! Mobile Pros mobile auto repair is a well-known mobile mechanic service provider in Loma Linda and the surrounding region. Any services that your car may require are referred to as “tune-ups.” Check engine and maintenance reminder lights are two of the most prominent signs that your vehicle needs service. If you’d like to discuss any problems you have and are looking for an honest mechanic to assist you, call Kirby today at (909) 794-2295 or (909) 888-5529.

Batteries, Starters, and Alternators

Some of the most common problems associated with no start conditions or failing electrical management systems include defective alternators, failing electrical management systems, faulty starter motors, and dead batteries. Kirby has the tools and skills to repair any issues with these (or other) components, and Mobile Pros, your trusted mobile mechanic service, is familiar with all types of automotive electrical systems.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Don’t purchase a car without first having it inspected by a trustworthy third party. Your Loma Linda mobile mechanic is delighted to assist you in making an informed financial decision by evaluating the vehicle of interest and telling you about any concerning issues. Because Kirby has spent so many years in this business, he knows exactly how to identify weather damage or signs of previous accidents. He will verify that the vehicle has been properly serviced and provide you with a full vehicle health report using the Launch system. Your report will uncover potential issues that the seller may have neglected to disclose, giving you much-needed peace of mind as you decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase. You’ll never get a “lemon” because Kirby at Mobile Pros is known for his meticulous attention to detail and unrivaled thoroughness.

What types of vehicles do you service?

Mobile Pros is pleased to work on a wide range of vehicle models and types. Please contact us if your RV engine, foreign or domestic car, truck, or other vehicle requires repairs or service! You can entrust your beloved vehicle to Kirby Lombard, whether you need a seasoned professional who knows everything there is to know about automotive service and repair, a mobile truck mechanic for regular service in the Loma Linda, CA area, or a mobile RV mechanic to troubleshoot a problem with your engine.

How do your mobile mechanic services work?

  1. Call Kirby at (909) 794-2295 or (909) 888-5529.
  2. Kirby will talk to you about the problems you’re having, give you details about the cost of service, and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.
  3. Your service will be completed professionally, efficiently, and thoroughly as you wait at home, on the roadside, or at your workplace.
  4. Before you know it, you’ll be back behind the wheel!

Who will be working on my vehicle?

When you call Mobile Pros, you will be contacting a small, family-owned company with only two employees – the owner, Kirby Lombard, and his son. Kirby (BAR LIC# AJ168940) answers every phone call and takes on every task on his own unless a complex project requires a little extra help. Customers are loyal to Mobile Pros because Kirby is continually focused on his customers, comes straight to his customers for their convenience, and offers top-tier service every single time.

Kirby has completed more than 35,000 repairs throughout his career, so you can be certain that he’ll get to the root of any issue your car might ever throw your way. Not only will your vehicle be in the most capable hands, but you’ll be treated respectfully and fairly every step of the way.

Why tow? We come to you!

If you have any questions about mobile automobile repair, call Kirby at (909) 794-2295 or (909) 888-5529.

We specialize in:



Steering & Suspension

Auto Air Conditioning


Engine Repair (Minor or Major)

Scheduled Maintenance

Timing Belts


Computer Diagnostics



Shocks & Struts

No Start Conditions

Auto Electrical



Fuel Pumps

Fuel Injection

Pre-Purchase Inspections

And Much More!

Mobile Pros’ mobile mechanic specialist will come to you! Reach out to Kirby today at (909) 794-2295 or (909) 888-5529 and schedule an appointment that fits your busy schedule!