Engine Overheating

If you have noticed your temperature gauge spiking up, your engine is most likely overheating. This could be the result of an issue under the hood, and it’s a problem that must be dealt with immediately. Never ignore an overheating engine as it could be a symptom of a potentially much larger problem. Give the Mobile Pros a call, and we will work with you to eliminate engine overheating.

An overheating engine can be the result of quite a few engine problems from something as simple as a stuck thermostat to a blown head gasket. Our mobile mechanics are trained with the latest techniques to diagnose, pinpoint, and fix the problem with speed and quality. Engine overheating requires expert testing and repair work. We urge you NOT to try and fix the problem on your own. Our specialist mobile mechanics have the know-how and the old school attitude to get the job done right, ensuring that your vehicle lasts for the long haul.

If you’re noticing repeated huge spikes on your temperature gauge, give us a call as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to issues under the hood, and small, inexpensive problems can become large, financial draining fixes if left ignored. Best of all, we’ll bring our mobile shop to you! Mobile Pros work on your schedule at your home. We’ll work with you to diagnose the problem and to work within your budget, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.