These days, manual transmissions may be considered “old-school,” but to some drivers, there is nothing quite like it. One of the most important aspects of a manual transmission is regular maintenance on the vehicle’s clutch. Our expert mobile clutch repair and replacement service will keep your vehicle shifting smoothly while you focus on the road. There’s no need to worry about when you can bring your car into the shop for time-consuming clutch service or replace, our mobile mechanics will bring the shop to you!

While it’s essential to have your clutch inspected and maintained every 50K-100K miles, you may start to see signs of breakage or wear well before that. If you notice the symptoms listed below, be sure to give us a call immediately as your clutch could be close to giving out.

● Grinding Noises
● Vehicle Resists Shifting Gears
● Louder than Usual Acceleration
● Engine Moving Quickly, Car Moving Slowly

Be sure to look out for the above primary symptoms of a bad clutch. Remember, the longer that you neglect an issue with your clutch, the more you’ll risk damaging your vehicle, raising vehicle expenses immensely.

Our expert mobile repair professionals are trained with top of the line tools and techniques that ensure that your car is performing to full potential 100% of the time. Your clutch requires expert service to maintain your comfort and your vehicle's functionality. We’ll then send out one of our friendly mobile mechanics to complete the necessary tasks quickly and thoroughly. Give us a call today!